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The Page of Perfect Patrons!

All these wonderful people have chosen to become a patron of the podcast. Each Tier of patrons get different perks, but every patron gets a declaration of gratitude on the podcast! If you’d like to become a patron, check out the perks here:

Tier 1: Buddy of the Show

The following patrons are buddies of the show. They get a shout out live on air and a place right here to plug their own work!

  • Michael Andrews

Tier 2: Friend of the Show

These patrons are friends, and get early access to the episodes, as WELL as a shout out and place to plug their work.

  • Laura Hand

Tier 3: Good Friend of the Show

Going a step above and beyond, these patrons get early access, shout outs, a place to plug AND they get the extra bonus exclusive episodes!

  • Talia Golden

Tier 4: Best Friend of the Show

An exclusive club! These patrons get early access, AND a shout out, AND a place to plug, but they ALSO get my personal feedback on their writing once a month!

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