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Story of a Storyteller

A Bookworm's Podcast

I’ve always wanted to learn as much about writing stories as I could. What better way to learn than by asking the people who write the stories I love so much! This will be a podcast released in seasons with 10 episodes, with the occasional episode out on its own every now and then!

  • S1 Ep10: Jennifer Burke is a Storyteller!
  • S1 Ep9: Chris Hooley is a Storyteller!
  • S1 Ep8: Sarah Webb is a Storyteller
  • S1 Ep7: Stephen Black is a Storyteller
  • S1 Ep6: Qian Julie Wang is a Storyteller!

Join me as I get to know the story of each storytelling guest. How they grew up, the influences of their early life affecting their storytelling, why they started writing, how they got their story published, and what is next for these exciting and wonderful authors!

Season 1 is underway and Season 2 is on it’s way! If you or someone you know would be a good guest, please press the button below and let me know!

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Be sure to keep an eye out for great episodes from the follow guests!

Episode 1: CJ Agett

Episode 2: Nemanja Pavlovic

Episode 3: Mario Dell’Ollio

Episode 4: Halo Scot

Episode 5: Bob Cubitt

Episode 6: Stephen Black

Episode 7: Qian Julie Wang

Episode 8: Sarah Webb

Episode 9: Chris Hooley

Episode 10: Jennifer Burke