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The Stolen Dagger

On a cold wet night in December, David Murphy waits.

He waits for a man he never met, to do a job he doesn’t know, to join a gang he never heard of.

What awaits him is a night that will change him forever.


Set in the same timeline and setting as the novel The Longest Night, The Stolen Dagger is a short story that will grab you and never let go. Featuring a new character, 16-year-old David, learn more about how the events of The Longest Night were set into motion.


Although set in the same time and world as The Longest Night, this short story is a completely separate tale. Readers need not have read The Longest Night to enjoy this story or understand it completely.

However, if you have read The Longest Night, there are many hidden answers to any questions you have from the novel!

This is a short story of approximately 7,500 words.

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