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About Conor

Born in New York, Conor’s family moved ‘home’ to the North West of Ireland just in time for him to start school there. He lost his New York accent in two weeks. 

As he grew up, Conor was always fascinated by stories in books, games, tv and film, and it wasn’t long before he began writing and telling his own stories. After many years of writing just for his own entertainment, Conor decided to start writing “for real” in 2016, and self-published his first novel The Longest Night soon after. 

September 2020: 

Conor is working steadily on his first children’s fantasy book. 

He also launched his podcast, getting over 100 downloads in its first week! Check it out here!

Writing Community

Conor is very active on Twitter and through the hashtag #WritingCommunity was inspired to make connections to writers all over the world. He is a featured writer of, as well as a podcast host of Story of a Storyteller which is due to release season one on September 7th 2020.

Media Appearances:

  • Leitrim Daily Podcast, 15th September 2019: Link.
  • The Writing Community Chat Show, 14th August 2020: Podcast, Video